Ade in Bulgaria

The other weekend I made my third visit to spend time in Bulgaria with Georgi (affectionately known as the older George, as opposed to the younger one who is with us in a few weeks).

Georgi has been a very significant Christian leader in Bulgaria with an international role of gathering evangelical believers in the post-communist era. It was wonderful to build on the formative relationship with this humble man and spend time talking with him about his experiences. Georgi leads a church in a town called Lovech but oversees a movement of churches around fifty strong.

dsc05611On the Saturday I accompanied him to a village nearby where around twenty-five adults and twenty children gather in a humble rented premises. It was such a privilege to preach there.

Bulgaria coupleI really felt deeply touched by the man who leads this small fellowship and also his wife in terms of their humility and wonderful love for Jesus. I barely spoke to them and didn’t even get their names but I include a photo of them.

On the Sunday I preached in Lovech where I have preached before and even though I last went over a year ago and don’t speak their language I really loved seeing these dear brothers and sisters.