Isaiah 40:12-28a – God’s supremacy over creation

This material presents God as incomparable in terms of his role as the creator in order to highlight him as the one who is able to bring restoration for his people. A series of rhetorical questions are posed with the implied answer variously “no-one” or “God” as a means to highlight God’s supremacy.

Tracking the awesome credentials of God, we see that he is all-powerful and all-wise (verses 12 to 14); he rules over the nations (verses 15 to 17); he is unique because, unlike idols, he is not made by human hands (verse 18 and 19); he is enthroned above all things and he oversees the rise and fall of rulers (verses 21 to 24); and, he is supreme in his power as the creator (verses 25 and 26).

When we feel God can’t possibly understand our circumstances as if our “way was hidden from the LORD” (verse 27), we are called to recognise that, as the creator supreme, he most definitely does understand what we are struggling with – “Do you not know? / Have you not heard? / The LORD is the everlasting God, / the Creator of the ends of the earth” (verse 28).

I have summarised the essence of God’s supremacy as creator presented here by Isaiah by way of a series of theological assertions of the truth, but what is so wonderful about this passage is the way poetry is used to describe these phenomenal qualities. There are so many striking expressions using vivid word-pictures here that can really help us appreciate the wonder of our God’s greatness. Please take the time to re-read this memorable material and use it as the basis for a prayer of praise to our great God.

Prayer: Re-read the passage and reflect on our amazing God – Let this stir you to praise Him.

Song: Indescribable