Isaiah 40:28b-31 – God gives strength to the weary

The second half of verse 28 says that God does not get tired – “He will not grow tired or weary”. The previous verses have catalogued God’s supremacy as the creator of all things and of course he is also the one who sustains all things, but he never tires. When in Genesis 2:2, it says that after the six days of creation God rested on the seventh day it was most certainly not the case that he needed a break: no, it was because he had finished that part of his work. You see, God never gets weary!

But, of course we do get weary and in the last lines of this chapter of Isaiah we are told how God is the one who “gives strength to the weary”. The promise is that “those who hope in the LORD / will renew their strength”. It is when we look to God as the one in whom we have hope that we position ourselves as those who humbly recognise our need of him are thereby able to receive the strength that he alone can give us. Hope is not so much about our dream that circumstances might change but rather the assurance that God will be with us in every situation and is able to lead us through it to our ultimate goal of eternity spend with him.

Isaiah uses the image of a soaring eagle to describe the sense of been uplifted that we can know as we rely on God for all our needs. The eagle’s giant wing-span means that it can effortlessly glide on the air thermals rather than having frantically to flap its wings. May we know the life of the Holy Spirit filling us and refreshing us whatever weariness we might otherwise find overwhelming. May we be able to find ways to pause in the midst of our daily demands and draw on God’s sustaining grace! Just to say of course, it is thoroughly biblical to make sure that we do take time off to rest.

Prayer: Take time today to SLOW. Consciously take your time over part of your day and consider the Lord, who he is and all he has done. You may find that as you pause and focus on him in the midst of daily life, he speaks.

Song: You give rest