Matthew 28:1-10 – Christ Victorious

On this Easter Sunday, let’s be mindful that the CV that matters more than anything is not the Corona Virus but Christ Victorious! God has raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus’ substitutionary death in our place is spectacularly vindicated by his resurrection. The price of sin has been paid and the power of sin – death – has been broken! Jesus’ resurrection has changed everything! A new age began that day in the garden where Joseph of Arimathea had a tomb set aside; an age that will culminate in the advent of a new creation with a whole new cosmos in which we will exist with glorified bodies!

Matthew reports how two Marys – neither were Jesus’ mother – came to Jesus’ tomb. Prior to their arrival, there had been an earthquake and an angel had come from heaven and rolled away the stone at the entrance of the burial place. At the point of Jesus being raised to life by God, the natural order of the earth had been shaken and the order of heaven broken in! Angels are primarily messengers (that is what their name means) and this angel had the most incredible message for these two women – Jesus was risen from the dead! As the two Marys depart, evidently stunned, they meet the risen Jesus. He greets them. At the sight of him and the sound of his voice, they bow and worship him. Jesus, had of course said he would rise on the third day and so they shouldn’t have been surprised but perhaps they hadn’t really believed it possible. For them may be seeing was believing.

My friends, we have put our faith in the one we have never seen but we truly believe has risen from the dead. Our hope is in the one who by his resurrection has guaranteed us who believe in him a future beyond our death in this life. We know and worship Christ Victorious and that changes everything!

Prayer: It’s time to praise! Put on the following songs and praise Him. Tell him how brilliant he is and how grateful you are. Dance if you are able and make some noise (if it’s an appropriate time); this world needs to hear GOOD NEWS!

Songs:   Happy Day! and Thine be the glory!