Robert & Nicky – Bolivia February 2017

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel; we value your prayers and support.

We have just got back from our month-long trip to Bolivia visiting David and Sarah Adjei, the couple who lead the Church we were visiting. They were very hospitable and generous to us.  We got to know little Asher the newest member of the Adjei family, who was recently adopted into the family; he was very chatty and affectionate.

So here is a synopsis of the ups and downs of our time away.

FUENTE DE VIDA CHURCH (Fountain of Life)

  • CARNIVAL – This was one of the main reasons for being invited to Bolivia. The church camped on David and Sarah’s property over three days.  Not all believers were able to come as some stayed to protect their properties over Carnival, whilst others came just for the Sunday.  Robert spoke at the three main meetings on Finding the Will of God. One lady said she was blown away by the teaching, which she had not understood so well before. During each day we sat and chatted with folk as best as our Spanish allowed, people were gracious and patient with us, with us all laughing a lot!  The weather was dry, hot and humid so the pool was such a welcome pleasure.  We were the eldest at the camp and quite happy to sit in the shade at times, like royalty, and watch others being energetic in the heat (in the 30s).  The early morning devotions were well received.
  • CHURCH – Other meetings that we were asked to take: Robert spoke on Prophecy with practical sessions, Ephesian 4 ministries, and preached our first Sunday on ‘How God Leads Us’. Folk really made us welcome.  On top of this were two couples with very serious marriage problems that we were asked to help counsel alongside David.  These have deep ongoing issues that David and Sarah have to address. One of the youth also asked them to help his parents, not believers, as they are going through divorce.  So a lot of wisdom and grace was needed.

One cultural issue we discovered is that people will volunteer to do or help with things then later come up with excuses why they can’t help. Or fail to turn up and have to be chased to find out why. This makes it hard for David and Sarah at times to plan or get things done at the church.


We were very aware of God’s protection on our travels.  We took a break to go and visit places we had not been to since we lived in Bolivia in the late 70s, such as the mountain cities of Sucre, Potosi (the highest city in the world), and La Paz (the highest capital city in the world).

A special one-off visit to the amazing Uyuni dry salt lake, the largest salt lake in the world at between 10000 and 12000 sq. mms, 12000 ft. above sea level.  It is so level you can see the curvature of the earth!

The altitude did affect us, Nicky more than Robert, which wasn’t helped by the extremely steep city streets which you had to negotiate to get anywhere.

One day in La Paz, whilst at a high viewpoint to take photos, a demonstration by the coca growers was passing way down below us.  We unwittingly got caught up in the demonstration when the police threw tear gas and 100s of protestors dispersed. Many ran uphill to where we were, along with teargas blown uphill by the wind; very unpleasant.  Taxis refused to take us down because of the gas.  At one point we were stuck halfway down a hill with angry rioters at the top and bottom of the road complete with sticks and stones.  Nicky prayed ‘Lord what do we do now, how do we get back?’  Within minutes a lady opened her gate called us and led us through her property to a quiet road at the back.  A gentleman who came with us then led us back down into a safer part of the city where we got a taxi back to the hotel.  The riot lasted until 10-o’-clock that night!  Thank you for your prayers for our safety whilst we were away, they were certainly answered by our Almighty God.


On Friday 17 March Robert will be travelling to Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh.  This trip will be his first visit to Bangladesh.  The programme is yet to be finalised but his trip will involve:

  • Teaching in a Bible School
  • Preaching in local Churches
  • Speaking to Pastors and Youth Leaders
  • Visiting a children’s home supported by World in Need

He will then travel to a Middle East country for consultation meetings with a number of friends.

He returns to the UK on Friday 31March.

Please pray:

  • For health and safety in travel and within Dhaka
  • For the Bible School students as they receive Robert’s teaching
  • For good relationships with Alfred (World in Need’s partner in Bangladesh) and the Pastors and leaders
  • For the consultation meetings taking place in the Middle East

The brothers and sisters we work with are poor and have very little, so we have been happy to fund not only our own expenses but also fund the accommodation, food and travel of those attending the training we do with World in Need.  We would like to ask if you would consider supporting our dear brothers and sisters in the training we do.  We are happy to continue to support ourselves out of our own funds, but would like to ask you to stand with us as we seek to help those that we train.

If you would like to give, then please direct any gifts to World in Need. You can give directly by Credit/Debit Card on their website (  Click on the button at the side where it says ‘wherever the need is greatest’ and you will see the ‘Leadership Training’ option.

Send cheques to World in Need at Trinity Hall, Mill Crescent, Crowborough, TN6 2QU, marked ‘For Leadership Training’; or you can give cheques or cash to us, marked ‘For World In Need’s Leadership Training’ which we will pass on, and give you a receipt if you require one.

May God richly bless you as you stand with us and our dear brothers and sisters.

Robert & Nicky