Category: Steve May-Miller

Citizens of heaven

February 12, 2019

Steve looks at our citizenship of heaven and how we can cause trouble as we hold firm to all that entails.

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Three wise men

December 3, 2018

Steve looks at the story of the three wise men from four perspectives: an historian; a rabbi; a preacher and a teacher.

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Noble Boaz

August 6, 2018

Steve looks at Chapter 2 of Ruth which tells the story of Boaz who is noble, gracious and generous.

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An extravagent act of worship

June 7, 2017

Steve looks at Mark 14:1-11 where a woman pours expensive perfume over Jesus, and how we can also be unrestrained in outrageous and beautiful acts of worship.

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The widow’s offering

April 24, 2017

Steve continues our series in Mark's Gospel looking at the widow's offering and how this can inform our attitude not just to money, but sacrificial giving in every aspect of our life.

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